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Nathan Explosion was born and raised in New Port Richey, Florida by his overbearing mother and father, Rose and Oscar Explosion. When his family first appeared in the series his mother constantly rambled to him to his annoyance. Nathan has shown a strong hatred for his mother because of said short comings. On the other hand Nathan has once stated that his relationship with his father is much better and that he enjoys drinking and hunting with him though Oscar himself wishes that Nathan was never born, considering his upbringing a waist of his "beer money".

Ironically Nathan did not speak a word till the age of five. When he had won his second grade class president election a drunk driver crashed into his class killing everyone but himself yet the entire time Nathan did not say a single word and was not in the least bit shaken. Nathan was a failure as a student, only excelling at football and dissecting frogs. Nathan never graduated high school; instead he dropped out to become a vocalist and eventually joined Dethklok.


Nathan Explosion is considered to have a similar psychological profile to that of Joseph Stalin. As a member of Dethklok Nathan has very little compassion and holds no value towards human life. According to himself he feels only hatred and anger. The only people Nathan genuinely cares about are his band mates and CFO. He has child like tendencies like being easily jealous, annoyed and has tantrums just like the rest of his band mates. Nathan loves violence and all things brutal which he uses as inspiration for his over the top violent lyrics.

Powers and Abilities

Nathan is relatively strong for a human, being capable of lifting heavy furniture by himself. He also has an incredibly high pain tolerance, breaking his face through glass without showing any signs of pain and quikly recovering after being kicked in the testicles by an Amazon. Nathan also knows how to use a gun and has some fighting skills.

Being a part of Dethklok makes Nathan insanely rich; Dethklok is currently the world’s seventh largest economy. He and his band mates use billions of dollars every day on meaningless things yet they still earn more than they can waist. Dethklok has used their money to gain more protection then the pentagon, one of the world’s largest army, hundreds of dedicated slaves, flying bio domes, giant hovering concert stages and ect.


"Price check! Clean up aisle 6, rotten body landslide!"
"We are here to make coffee metal. We will make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity."
"Whoah! That's a good song title."
"The fact that my parents had sex to create me makes me want to be buried alive."
"Mur... murder... a guy, a guy gets murdered... aaand eaten... at an all-you-can-eat buffet, yeah... OH! and that happens forever! Yeah!
"I need a hundred beers. Exactly... Exactly one hundred beers, thank you."
"Huh. I can't believe we summoned a troll. Why didn't we think of this earlier?"
"Release the kitties!"
"Were in a horrible depression, and i got to admit; were startin' to like it!"
"Pickles is right. We have a tough choice. Playing acoustic is totally lame and not metal. But then again if we don't put that troll back to sleep, we may never be able to check our email with high speed dsl again."
"Two cups on rice.....brutal."
"We got you your favorite thing...disappointment!"
"You're all going to die! You're going to die! You're going to die! You're going to die! And especially you, you're going to die! No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you're all going to die!"
"Your music sucks and you're an asshole! I'm, I'm having a hard time expressing myself."
"Maybe you're right. Maybe I should take my crappy, thin lips and make out with Glenn Close."


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