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    Character » Nathan Cross appears in 52 issues.

    Abducted with his little brother Timmy to Neverland, Nathan Cross' hand was bitten off by Croc. Somehow he escaped Neverland and became a Realm Knight.

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    Current Events

    At the conclusion of the Bad Girls series it is revealed that Venus has been manipulating the group of assembled villainesses. After conferring with Jack the Giant Killer, the Limbo Queen orders him away, finally ready to settle old grievances with Venus. Venus had previously left her an orphan that would eventually come to control all of Limbo. The Limbo Queen attacks her but she is quickly defeated by Venus, who leaves her for dead. In the temple of the Monks of the Michi No, Britney Waters has figured out how to control the Mandersoon and goes through a portal to join her allies. She first journeys to find Samantha Darren and frees her from the control of the Queen of Spades and the Goblin Queen. They have managed to draw off Samantha’s magical power into a sphere. She is quickly subdued by the two villains, but they flee. She rescues Samantha and transports back through another portal, arriving to help her allies in Las Vegas. Here the villains join Baba Yaga against Sela and Nathan Cross, who have also temporarily joined forces with the Dark One. It is revealed that the crown that the Goblin Queen had been using to control her forces was never out of her control, but after revealing this she is killed by Venus. Sela threatens the remaining three and they disappear to unknown locations. The Goblin Queen’s forces come to retrieve, indicating that she may in fact not be dead even though she appears to be.


    Nathan is a man that bears the scar of a childhood tragedy in a fantastical setting. As a child he was abducted by an unknown force (later revealed to be Pan) along with his brother. Pan consumes the souls of the children to give himself more power and to rule over Neverland. Nathan manages to escape and aided by some other manages to get back to Earth. he has lost his arm in the process though, and the psychological trauma of the incident has left him a broken man. He resorts to a life of petty crime while being guided by his psychiatrist, Doctor Harlow to work through his problems. This all changes when Wendy Darling goes to Doctor Harlow for help finding her missing nephews.


    The character was originally created by J.M. Barrie for his novel Peter Pan. As has become customary for the Grimm Fairy Tales Multiverse, the characters from popular literature novels which resemble fairy tales are adapted into shorter series. The major difference in this retelling of the classic is that Captain hook is the hero (Nathan) and Peter Pan is the villain (Pan).

    Character Evolution

    In addition to Wendy it is Nathan that undergoes the greatest change during the course of the series. Once a broken man he finds a way to redefine himself, especially after he figure out that Neverland is a real place despite what his psychiatrist has told him throughout his life. He eventually learnt o face his greatest fears and even overcome them while better understanding the sorrow which rules his life. He finds an outlet for this sorrow in the love of Wendy and her two children.

    Major Story Arcs

    One night to her amazement and horror Wendy Darling sees a mysterious figure and a fairy at the window of her two nephews who proceed to abduct the two youngsters. Distraught she files a missing person report for them, but she is informed by Doctor Harlow (who works with the police) that they must act quickly as the first twenty four hours are key in finding abducted children. Out of desperation they resort to contacting Nathan Cross.

    Long since haunted by his nightmares of his lost brother and left with a missing arm, Nathan has spent life on the wrong side of the law while trying to deal with his grief. While his story sounds similar to Wendy's the doctor decides that they must meet. At first Nathan is reluctant, as he still holds great fear for the events of his past, but after being challenged by Wendy he agrees to undergo hypnosis to see if he can find any secrets which might help her.

    What they get though is completely unexpected, as his freed subconscious mind has revealed power which he did not know that he had, and he transports the three of them to Neverland. They set off trying to find answers, guided only by Nathan's intuition, but that intuition leads them to be captured by a group of Native Americans that live there. Meanwhile the malevolent ruler of the realm, Pan, has decided that he wishes the be rid of Tinker Belle as she is no longer of romantic interest to him (though this seemed to be tenuous anyway.) he instead desires Wendy as the Queen of his realm and after trying to solicit Tinker Belle's help she rebukes him, informing she will not help him find another (as she still loves him.) Instead he offers Princess Tiger Lily a deal, that she tell him where the portals are and that her tribe be spared. he gives her some time to think about it, but when he goes to find her answer he finds that Wendy is also there and captured and takes her prisoner. In so doing he kills the Princess's father and makes an enemy of her. Meanwhile Nathan has escaped and seeks to muster support to overthrow the tyrant. he does so after being rescued by Barr and having the story of Neverland explained to him. Barr as a former ruler can unlock Nathan's power, and Barr puts Nathan in charge of his forces to launch a surprise attack on Pan.

    Wendy is taken to the castle where she is imprisoned but offered a deal. If she marries Pan then her nephews lives will be spared. She rejects his offer, eager to find another way, though she is uncertain of what that might be as she is trapped in a cell. Soon Tinker Belle comes to her cell and offers her a bargain, if she leaves Neverland forever then she will be freed, as well as her nephews. Wendy agrees not realizing that it is a trap and she is led to the depths of the castle to be devoured by Pan's monster (which in this version of the story is the Crocodile from the original story.)

    Tinker Belle leaves her to her fate, but Wendy succeeds in wounding the animal using some ingenuity and determination. She eventually finds her way back to Nathan who by this point has lost in battle to Pan and has decided to give up again. She refuses to let him give up, and after deciding to go back and face his nemesis they meet up with Doctor Harlow, Princess Tiger Lily and the remainder of her band. The group decide to storm the castle and they determine that the only way in is via the route past the monster. Nathan defeats the monster and the others follow. Meanwhile above Pan is confronted by TInker Belle who tells him that Wendy has escaped. Immediately suspicious he demands to know how she is the only one who knows and reasons that Tinker Belle freed her. The two quarrel but Tinker Belle is soon trapped in an energy cage constructed by Pan. Pan now enraged seeks revenge on Wendy by deciding to kill her nephews. As they resist and fight back as they can, Tinker Belle finally sees what true love is and figures that she never had it with Pan. As the others break into the room they found themselves severely outmatched and on the verge of defeat before Tinker Belle decides on her own revenge by transporting Nathan and Pan to New York City, where Pan is powerless. After a brief battle Pan is defeated and Wendy is reunited with her children. In the epilogue it is revealed that Nathan and the Darlings have become quite close, each filling in for missing family.

    After some time, Nathan starts to have dreams again that his brother is alive. Meanwhile a series of horrific murders spread their way around the city. Belle shows up unexpectedly as Nathan is fighting an unknown threat. She is knocked unconscious and left in the care of Wendy. He finds a way back to Neverland and finds it in ruins. It turns out that Barr, who had helped him previously, had simply helped him so that he could regain control of the realms and impose his own form of tyranny on it. Nathan is once again trapped, as are the Tiger Lily's tribe and their sacred child. Barr intends to use the child to draw New York City into Neverland thus feeding his power and he needs Nathan to unlock the power of the child. Barr has also left word that Tiger Lily's people are to be killed. This nearly happens before the timely intervention of Belle, Wendy and the rest of the heroes. Belle is surprised to see Nyx, another fairy, as she thought she was the last one. They fight off this attack and then come to Nathan's aid as he fights off Barr. It is also revealed that Wendy and Nathan are now in a romantic relationship.

    Powers and Abilities

    In the realm of Neverland, Nathan's prosthetic arm can be transferred into a giant hook or various other weapons. This prosthetic arm actually works simply to channel his power and is not the source of it. He is also an adequate hand to hand combatant.


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