Nate Kane

    Character » Nate Kane appears in 45 issues.

    A middle aged detective in New York City who fell in love with the doomed Amy Beitermann at the same time as Jim Corrigan. After Amy's death he and Jim became comrades.

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    Character History

    Nate is a New York City police detective who makes friends with Amy Bietermann. He trusts her after only knowing her for a short time and later falls in love with her. He was not as trusting of Jim Corrigan. He did not know Jim was the Spectre but Amy did. His suspicions of Jim made him worried about what he was getting her involved in. Eventually Amy died and he and Jim would become friends.

    In issue fifty Nate bonds with the Spectre so as to assist in fighting a violent cult that wanted to conquer America with misguided mystical patriotism.


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