Nate Hackett

    Character » Nate Hackett appears in 7 issues.

    Matt Murdock's schoolmate who used to bully him. He also was the one to come up with the nickname "Daredevil."

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    Fictional History

    Nate Hackett was Matt Murdock's childhood bully giving him the nickname "Daredevil". He was also the last person Matt saw before he was blinded by radioactive waste while saving an old stranger.

    Years later, Nate asks Matt help to sue the state. He had been a member of the Sons of the Serpent, but left before they started becoming too political. While working as a radio engineer he had been arrested for past Serpent business, he didn't lose anything but his job. He wants to sue the state for false arrest. After much thought Matt agrees to tutor him in representing himself in court. The trial is interrupted when the judge shoots Nate. Apparently, he and everyone else in the room were Sons of the Serpent. 24 hours later, Matt meets Nate at the hospital, saying that the policemen arresting him were, in fact, Sons of the Serpent members.


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