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    The niece of John Henry Irons (aka Steel III), Natasha Irons has become a hero by her own right and an important ally for Superman.

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    Natasha moved to Metropolis with her uncle to a place called the Steelworks. She knew her uncle was none other than Steel and she even knew Superman when he visited the Steelworks when they moved in. Before that she used to work for the U.S Senator and was kidnapped a number of times, and had to be rescued by Steel from villains such as Hazard, Plasmus and Skorpio.

    Ironically, Steel was later captured by Darkseid and saved by Natasha, but John was badly injured so Natasha had to carry on the legacy of Steel. John designed a very powerful suit for Nat. She also found out that Superman was injured by a ghost ninja so she teamed up with Cir-El and Traci Thirteen, as Steel, to stop it. She teamed up with Cir-el again, along with Superboy, to save Superman from Luthor.


    Nat has a large family consisting of her reckless brother Jemahl, her uncle John, her grandmother Bess, and her father, the super villain known as Crash. When Natasha was poisoned by another villain known as Skorpio, he had to turn himself in to save her life by giving blood.


    In the comic 52, Nat and John get into an argument and John takes away Natasha's 'Steel' armour. He took it away because she wanted to join the Teen Titans but John forbid it and the fierce argument broke out. Natasha, now powerless, tried to build a power suit of her own but failed and lashed out at John. Natasha found one of Luthor's Everyman flyers and decided to try it. John found out and told her not to because he was beginning to get a steel skin. Natasha called him a hypocrite because she thought Luthor gave him this new skin. This caused Nat to go see Luthor where she was treated immediately. Once she got her new powers she went by the name Starlight and became a member of Luthor's version of Infinity, Inc. She became immediate friends with the team and good friends with teammate Eliza Harmon, also known as Trajectory. During Natasha's time on Luthor's team, John was constantly trying to warn her that Luthor was no good and her powers would be taken away if she angered Luthor, which is what had happened to Trajectory, and ultimately led to her death. Natasha continued on with the team and nothing really happened except it was revealed that she had a secret relationship with another teammate Jacob Colby, Skyman. Nat continued to ignore John's warning texts, but when John found a way to meet up with her he told her that the steel skin went away on its own and her powers would too. He also asked her "How could a slug like Blockbuster manage to grab someone who could move so fast?", meaning Trajectory. He left her to look at the facts and decide for herself. Eventually she did decide that it was plain and clear that Luthor wasn't to be trusted. She told Skyman and the two went to investigate. They followed a scientist who was secretly against Luthor and blew up the lab; they were undetected. In week 39 Skyman said he wanted to take Natasha somewhere, he said it would explain a lot. She was taken to see the corpse of Jacob Colby, the living Skyman she was talking to was yet another teammate; Everyman. He'd been working with Luthor to check up on the other teamates. Natasha was revealed to be against them and Luthor took her powers away. After 52, she develops the power to transform her body into a vaporous substance and called herself Vaporlock. Eventually those powers faded away.

    New Krypton & War of the Supermen

    After Superman freed Kandor from Brainiac and returned it to its original size, Natasha infiltred project 7734 after the attack of Atlas on her uncle and she discovered than Sam Lane was preparing somekind of preventive attack on Superman and any kryptonian. With the help of Erik Stron she could reach Jimmy Olsen. Both discovered the connections of Lane with Mirabai and Captain Atom and also discovered wich was the plan of the general against Krypton and Mon-El. They freed Captain Atom but were to late to stop Lane from destroying Kandor.

    Superman and the Authority

    Recently, Natasha has been recruited for a new team under the direction of Superman, with the specific objetive to overthrow Mongul fromn Warworld.

    Alternate versions

    Ame-Comi Girls

    Natasha (Steel) can be seen on the new DC Comics digital series Ame-Comi Girls as one of the main characters. She first Appears in Ame-Comi III: Duela Dent #2 helping Robin (Carrie Kelly) alongside with Flash (Jesse Chambers).


    In the altered uiverse of Flashpoint, Natasha Irons is a freedom fighter in Brazil, fighting against the rule of nazi forces who had take over the country after WW2. At difference of her classic version, she have a mechanical arm and is used to apply lethal force against her enemies. She was one of the persons visited by Traci 13 when the young witch was searching help to stop the atlantean-amazon war.

    Multiversity: The Just

    In the post Flashpoint universe known as earth 16, Natasha Irons is a member of the Justice League of her world, a world without need of superheros. She have technical experience enough to discover than someone altered Red Amazo during one of the reenactment training seasons of the league.

    Justice League Infinity

    In the Justice League Infinity book appears an alternate version of Natasha on the alternate world of earth-x, where Nazis won the World War 2 under the direction of Vandal Savage, who had under his control powerful forces, such as Brainiac and Overman.

    In this reality, she has become Metallo and joined to the Freedom Fighters of the Gen. Abraham Zodetsa (General Zod) and Emil "Doomsday" Hamilton. These Freedom Fighters defeated the forces than oppresed their world with the help of the Superman from alternate universes.


    Height: 5.2"

    Weight: 106 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Powers and Abilities

    As Steel: Wears armor that gives her superstrength and allows her to fly and grow 60 ft tall.

    As Starlight: Enhanced strength and endurance, projection of light bursts, making of energy barriers, and flight.

    As Vaporlock: Flight and transformation into vapor.

    Other Media

    Natasha Irons made an appearance in the Superman Animated series. In the episode "Heavy Metal", helping Superman and Steel against Metallo. Natasha was voiced by Cree Summer.

    Another version of Natasha has appeared on the CW series Superman & Lois. At difference of the original Natasha, this one is the daughter of John Henry Irons and a Lois Lane from a parallel univers.


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