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    A Pottsylvanian Spy.

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    Natasha Fatale, feminine counter-part to Boris Badenov, is a former Miss Transylvania. Although most of her younger life remains a mystery, there is substantial evidence that Natasha is the only child of Axis Sally and Count Dracula. Expelled from college for instigating sit-in demonstrations at the local cemetery, she became an apprentice witch, but unfortunately "washed out" in flight school. At this point, Natasha, then nineteen, packed her earthly belongings in a voodoo bag and sailed for the New World on the Italian freighter Lucrezia Borgia, which had earlier trips introducing the Japanese Beetle, typhus, and Lucky Lucrezia to our shores.

    For two years she worked at odd jobs in and around New York -- modeling for Charles Addams, popping out of cakes at embalmer' stag parties. Her association with Boris was first noted in 1948, when they were both booked for hurling rocks at Girl Scout Cookie-Sellers. Natasha has been wearing Boris' pin (in her nose) ever since.

    Although Boris has repeatedly asked for her hand, she has adamantly refused to part with it. Away from the set of "Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends," Natasha raises tarantulas and is active in civic affairs, being the national chairman [or chairwoman] of the Society To Restore The Real Meaning of Halloween.


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