Natalya Trusevich

    Character » Natalya Trusevich appears in 32 issues.

    An accomplished pianist, and girlfriend to Bruce Wayne.

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    Natalya is a classically trained concert pianist from the Ukraine. She likes good vodka and long walks on the beach. She came to Gotham City to perform at a New Year Eve, concert. She soon started dating Bruce Wayne and the pair became a couple for a short time.


    Natalya was created by Gregg Hurwitz for his run on Batman: The Dark Knight.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cycle of Violence

    Natalya and Bruce are at Wayne Manor. She is practicing for her New Year Eve concert and Bruce sits next to her admiring her skills and her beauty. They kiss but before there relationship can go any farther, they are interrupted by Alfred, who informs Bruce, quietly that Batman is needed. Bruce has to leave Natalya and this infuriates her, about how frequently Bruce has to leave for an "emergency".

    Later at Natalya's apartment, when Bruce arrives to take her out, Natalya pleads with him to stay in tonight, and have a quiet night together. Bruce can't do that and Natalya kicks him out, but the next night Bruce makes it up to her. The pair try to have a quiet night in but when Bruce learns that James Gordon has been kidnapped he leaves Natalya yet again.

    Natalya doesn't see Bruce again till New Years Eve, where he surprises her at her concert. Natalya has a break down on stage and can't finish the piece she is playing and everyone leaves. Everyone but Bruce who stays and asks her to try again, which Natalya does and this time plays beautifully.

    Alternate Versions

    The Sacrifice

    In a short story, as part of Detective Comics 27, Phantom Stranger shows Bruce Wayne what life would be like if his parents had lived. In this alternate reality Bruce and Natalya are married with a child. This perfect life has a major flaw, Gotham City had been taken over by crime. Bruce begs the Stranger to take him back to his reality leaving his happy life with Natalya behind.


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