Natalie Worthy

    Character » Natalie Worthy appears in 6 issues.

    Natalie Worthy is an arrogant, careless, irresponsible and selfish young woman, who just happens to be invincible.

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    Natalie Worthy discovered when she was a teenager that she had apparently become invulnerable. Natalie didn't react to her "super powers" in a very typical fashion. She kept them a secret from others because she didn't want to accept the responsibilities or attention that would likely be expected of her if people knew what she was capable of. Instead, Natalie chose to use her powers to play pranks and get a rise out of people. Over time, Natalie's condition began to affect her life more deeply than she expected. Her invulnerability began to cause her to disconnect with her feelings and emotions. She became obsessed with pushing the boundaries of her power, and sought out grander ways of testing herself, eventually stepping off of a building, just to see if she could survive.

    Natalie realized during the fall that she valued her life more than she remembered, but was arrested for the damage and disturbance caused from what she had done. Fortunately, Natalie was called before a judge who was particularly interested in superheroes, and was curious about Natalie's lack of desire to be one, despite her powers. He offered her the opportunity to avoid jail time by attending a new school he had helped establish for young super powered individuals who wanted to become professional heroes. Natalie accepted, only because she preferred nearly anything over jail time.

    Natalie was able to coast through and graduate the program, but only because the school's staff had been asked to ensure that no students from their first class failed, due to the negative publicity it would cause them. Natalie made no friends at the school, and intended to disappear into obscurity once she graduated. Her graduating class was put on a plane to be flown out to an elaborate, televised ceremony, but the plane would not reach it's destination. The plane was attacked over the desert in west Texas by an unknown villain who had the ability to appear as organic electricity. The villain killed every student on the plane and destroyed it, but was unable to harm Natalie. Having survived the crash, Natalie decided that while she didn't care for being a hero, she didn't appreciate the attempt on her life, and resolved to find the villain and bring him to justice. Whether or not she has the conviction to do so remains to be seen.


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