Nat Secura

    Character » Nat Secura appears in 6 issues.

    Member of the Twi'Lek Secura clan. His life has been filled with tragedy

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    The Secura clan are viewed almost as royalty among the Twi'Lek, Nat in particular was viewed to be destined to lead his people, this led to him being kidnapped and his cousin Aayla Secura having to rescue him. Though Nat had escaped his first brush with danger, his second life threatening peril would cost the young Twi'Lek greatly, when the Empire invaded his homeworld, Nat's entire family were killed, and Nat himself was horrifically disfigured, his Lekku were burned off and his face was disfigured, Bib Fortuna found and saved Nat, but Bib himself was the traitor who gave the Empire information on his peoples defenses, to this end he killed Nat's caretaker while Nat was still unconcious as she knew the truth. Nat and Bib found their way into Jabba The Hutt's Gang, while Bib became one of it's top members, Nat, whose disfigurement offended Jabba The Hutt, was treated quite poorly, and eventually Jabba decided to execute Nat, planning to feed him to the Rancor. Bib was shocked at the development and took drastic measures to save Nat's life, making a deal with the B'Omarr Monks to remove Nat's brain, so all Jabba would feed to the Rancor was an empty shell. This plan proved to almost fall apart at every turn, Nat's brainless body was brutally savaged by the Rancor, while Bib hoped the beast would quickly devour Nat's body, in instead threw his body around the pit for awhile before eating it, which made Jabba wonder why the Twi'Lek never screamed or showed any fear, Bib quickly thought on his feet and stated that Nat was just remaining defiant, and didnt want to give Jabba the satisfaction of seeing him afraid, Jabba reluctantly accepted Bib's explanation. 
    Meanwhile things were not going so well for Nat's brain, the B'Omarr had warned Bib that Nat may not be enlightened enough for liberation from his body, and Nat's brain was dieing. It took much time but eventually Nat's brain was made stable, and the Twi'Lek prince had another shot at life. Bib's true plan is revealed, Bib Fortuna saved Nat so he could become part of his inner circle, believing the Twi'Lek would take Nat on as the new ruler of their people onmce Bib had the Kamino cloners place Nat's brain in a new body, but Bib's plans were shattered, after the destruction of Jabba's Sail Barge, Bib was one of the few survivors, he returned to Jabba's Palace where the B'Omarr forcefully removed Bib's brain. Now both Bib and Nat live in brain jars in the B'Omarr Monk's Temple. 
    Nat Secura's appearances in the expanded universe actually predate his more famous cousin Aayla's. Nat first appeared in the novel Tales From Jabba's Palace, while Aayla first surfaced in DVD releases of Episode 1 The Phantom Menace about 6 years later


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