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    The daughter of the original, Golden-Age Mist, arch-nemesis of Starman/Jack Knight.

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    Nash grew up as a meek stuttering girl with only her brother Kyle as a friend. Before her brother was killed she couldn't stand any kind of violence, but after her brother's death and her beloved father's descent into madness, she under went a major personality shift into a sadistic, calculating evil woman who dedicated her self to destroying Jack Knight and the entire Starman legacy.


    Nash was created by James Robinson and Tony Harris, first appearing in Starman #0, October 1994.

    Story Arc

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    Nash was the younger daughter of the first Mist, supervillain and archenemy to the Golden Age Starman. Nash and her brother Kyle assisted their father as he grew infirm and senile due to old age and Alzheimer's, carrying out his various schemes while he remained in hiding. Nash and Kyle were close to one another, and the two of them talked or saw movies together in their spare time. Though Kyle was being trained to be a cold-blooded killer and eventually take over the role of the Mist, his sister hated violence and stuttered when talking to anyone besides Kyle. She took part in her father's plans because she felt obliged to, and not through any personal choice. The Mist knew his time was near, and sought to seek his ultimate revenge on Starman. He ordered Kyle to kill David and Jack Knight, while Nash destroyed Ted Knight's lab. The plans were generally successful, except for the escape of Jack Knight. Nash encountered Jack on a rooftop, where he questioned her motives. She decided to let him go.

    Jack took over the role of Starman, and Kyle challenged the new hero to a duel. Jack killed Kyle, while both Nash and her father were taken into custody. Nash vowed revenge on Jack for betraying her. Nash eventually escaped from prison to one of her father's old laboratories. Though she did not understand the science behind it, she used one of his machines to change her body and acquire mist powers.

    Nash began a major day-long crime spree to establish her new role as the Mist ll. Several robberies were orchestrated to provide funding for her new career. She tracked down six men she believed to have taken a World War I Victoria's Cross belonging to her father. Though she killed all of them and ransacked their homes, Nash did not find the medal. Her men kidnapped Solomon Grundy and Mikaal, using them as bait to snare Jack. He was knocked unconscious for a time, during which she conceived a child with him. Nash had Jack run a gauntlet to prove his worth as Starman, after which she let him go again. She had him swear to become the very best hero he could be, while she mastered the art of being a villain .

    Nash travelled to Europe, where she eventually bore a son she named Kyle Theo, after the child's grandfathers. The baby was kidnapped by Black Hand, who wanted Nash to steal a secret military weapon. Instead she encountered Mary Marvel, who helped rescue little Kyle and prevented Nash from killing Black Hand.

    While in Europe Nash also infiltrated the new Justice League Europe, posing as Ice Maiden. She managed to kill Blue Devil, Amazing Man and Crimson Fox .

    Eventually Mist returned to Opal City after being recruited by Simon Culp to help with the city's takeover. She was supposed to kill Jack but once more did not. Culp's scheme was thwarted by the heroes of Opal and in desperation he took Nash hostage, only to be shot dead by her father. The original Mist had returned with his own plan to destroy Opal, which would have killed everyone including himself and his family. Nash tried to take a stand against him, but the Mist took her weapon and then shot her through the heart. With her dying breath she passed her son to his father Jack Knight .

    Powers and Abilities

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    Nash's mist powers allowed her to pass through walls and transport herself through the air. The mist could also serve as a tranquilizing agent. Nash was also proficient in the use of a number of firearms and a brilliant tactician, doing extensive research on her enemies.


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