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    Naruto and sasukes true potential?

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    So ive been wondering for quite some time now, if naruto can use all kekkei genkai and if sasuke can use all kekkei genkai?

    Now i know you all are probably thinking im nuts, but hear me out. So we all know that sasuke has the rinnegan, and what weve seen it do. But what most people dont seem to know is that the rinnegan grants the user an affinity for all five basic nature transformations. Now notice that i say affinity. Any shinobi can use any nature transformation, but not all have a natural affinity for it. So wouldnt this mean that sasuke can use any nature transformation? To further this, he should even be able to combine any of these nature transformations, given that he has a natural affinity for all of them, aka kekkei genkai??? Now as for narutos case.

    As we all know, naruto has 6 paths senjutsu, as well as some chakra from all 9 tailed beasts. Now we know that in order to unlock six paths sage mode, one must have some chakra from all 9 tailed beasts, as well as some 6 paths chakra, or in narutos case, some chakra from hagoromo. See where im going with this? Now i know naruto has all 5 basic chkara natures. Because we know that naruto has all 5 basic natures, couldnt he possibly use any kekkei genkai, or at least one? Same for sasuke? I mean naruto can already use magnet release, though that was due to shukaku infusing his wind and earth release kekkei genkai into narutos rasengan, but still naruto utilised it. I mean shouldnt naruto be able to use kekkei genkais like wood release, same for sasuke?

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