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Includes vols. 25, 26 & 27

As the battle between Naruto and Sasuke grows even more heated, Sasuke delves deep into the past to recall how his brother Itachi became such a feared ninja. Unwilling to do what Itachi instructs he must do in order to obtain the power of the Mangekyo, Sasuke flees the site of battle.

Chapter Titles

  • Number 218: Konohagakure Comrades!!
  • Number 219: Future and Past
  • Number 220: Brothers
  • Number 221: Out of Reach
  • Number 222: Itachi Accused
  • Number 223: Father and Son
  • Number 224: That Day...!!
  • Number 225: In Darkness...!!
  • Number 226: For A Friend...!!
  • Number 227: Chidori vs. Rasengan!!
  • Number 228: Kakashi's Premonition
  • Number 229: The Bond...!!
  • Number 230: Awakening!!
  • Number 231: Special!!
  • Number 232: The Final Valley
  • Number 233: The Worst Ending...!!
  • Number 234: Parting Ways...!!
  • Number 235: Mission Failed...!!
  • Number 236: A Broken Promise
  • Number 237: Fool...!!
  • Number 238: Departure!!
  • Number 239: Chronicle 1: The Mission Begins...!!
  • Number 240: Chronicle 2: Teamwork!!
  • Number 241: Chronicle 3: A True Hero!!
  • Number 242: Chronicle 4: The Crybaby Ninja
  • Number 243: Chronicle 5: A Gift
  • Number 244: Chronicle 6: Sharingan Hero


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Story Arcs

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