Naruto #71

    Naruto » Naruto #71 - Daisuki da released by Shueisha on November 4, 2014.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Daisuki da (大好きだ)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 680: Once More (もう一度 "Mō ichido")
    • Chapter 681: Kaguya's Tears (カグヤの涙 "Kaguya no namida")
    • Chapter 682: Bet Ya Never Seen This (見たことねーだろ "Mita koto nē daro")
    • Chapter 683: I Dreamt the Same Dream (お前と同じ夢をみた "Omae to onaji yume o mita")
    • Chapter 684: We Ought to Kill Him (殺しておくべきだ "Koroshiteokubeki da")
    • Chapter 685: All That I've Got! (あ"りったけの...!! "Arittake no...!!")
    • Chapter 686: Bequeath and Inherit (残せし者と継ぎし者 "Nokoseshi mono to tsugishi mono")
    • Chapter 687: You Better (お前は必ず "Omae wa kanarazu")
    • Chapter 688: He of the Sharingan!! (写輪眼の...!! "Sharingan no...!!")
    • Chapter 689: I Love You Guys (大好きだ "Daisuki da")
    • Chapter 690: Ninja History (忍者の...!! "Ninja no...!!")


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