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Proper Japanese Title: Susumubeki michi...!! (進むべき道...!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 055: No Holds Barred!! (全面戦争!!, Zenmen sensō!!)
  • Chapter 056: The Strength That Is Given...!! (与えられし力...!!, Ataerareshi chikara...!!)
  • Chapter 057: Ten Hours Earlier... (10時間前, Jū jikan mae)
  • Chapter 058: Witnesses...!! (目撃者...!!, Mokugekisha...!!)
  • Chapter 059: The Tragedy of the Sand!! (砂の惨劇!!, Suna no sangeki!!)
  • Chapter 060: The Last Chance...!! (ラストチャンス...!!, Rasuto Chansu...!!)
  • Chapter 061: The Path You Should Tread...!! (進むべき道...!!, Susumubeki michi...!!)
  • Chapter 062: Trapped Like Rats!! (袋のネズミ...!!, Fukuro no nezumi...!!)
  • Chapter 063: One More Face (もう一つの顔, Mō hitotsu no kao)

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