Naruto #67

    Naruto » Naruto #67 - Toppakō released by Shueisha on December 2013.

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    Proper Japanese Title: 突破口 (Toppakō)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 638: The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki, Obito (十尾の人柱力・オビト "Jūbi no Jinchūriki: Obito")
    • Chapter 639: Assault (襲 "Osou")
    • Chapter 640: Finally (やっとだよ "Yatto da yo")
    • Chapter 641: You Two Are the Main Act!! (君らがメインだ!! "Kimira ga Mein da!!")
    • Chapter 642: An Opening (突破口 "Toppakō")
    • Chapter 643: Fist Bump (合わせる拳...!! "Awaseru kobushi...!!")
    • Chapter 644: I Know (分かってる "Wakatteru")
    • Chapter 645: Two Powers (二つの力...!! "Futatsu no chikara...!!")
    • Chapter 646: Divine Tree (神樹 Shinju)
    • Chapter 647: Regret (後悔 "Kōkai")

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