Naruto #52

    Naruto » Naruto #52 - Cell Seven Reunion released by Viz on September 2011.

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    Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto finally meet, as the former classmates' complicated past gives way to a violent and unsure future. Naruto realizes he must eventually battle Sasuke the death! But with Sasuke and his dark allies bent on complete destruction, and political intrigue in the villages, will the powerful Allied Shinobi Forces allow the two "friends" to meet in battle?!

    Chapter Titles

    • Number 484: Cell Seven Reunion!!
    • Number 485: Near Yet Far
    • Number 486: Fists
    • Number 487: The Battle Begins...!!
    • Number 488: Every Shinobi Village
    • Number 489: Facing A Great Ninja War...!!
    • Number 490: The Truth About Nine Tails!!
    • Number 491: The Jinchuriki, Detained!!
    • Number 492: Salutations
    • Number 493: Dark Naruto!!
    • Number 494: Killer Bee and Moto!

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