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Proper Japanese Title: Gokage kaidan, kaimaku...!! (五影会談、開幕...!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 454: Enter the Five Kage...!! (五影登場...!!, Gokage tōjō...!!)
  • Chapter 455: Links...!! (繋がり...!!, Tsunagari...!!)
  • Chapter 456: Naruto Heads Out...!! (ナルト出発...!!, Naruto shuppatsu...!!)
  • Chapter 457: The Five Kage Summit Commences!! (五影会談、開幕...!!, Gokage kaidan, kaimaku...!!)
  • Chapter 458: The Great Five Kage Debate...!! (五影の大論戦...!!, Gokage no dairosen...!!)
  • Chapter 459: Sakura's Resolve!! (サクラの決意!!, Sakura no ketsui!!)
  • Chapter 460: The Web Encircling Sasuke...! (サスケ包囲網...!, Sasuke hōimō...!)
  • Chapter 461: Kumogakure vs. Taka!! (雲隠れVS“鷹”!!, Kumogakure v. Taka!!)
  • Chapter 462: Sasuke's Ninja Way...!! (サスケの忍道...!!, Sasuke no nindō...!!)
  • Chapter 463: Sasuke vs. Raikage!! (サスケVS雷影!!, Sasuke vs. Raikage)

Points of Interest

  • Many of the Akatsuki members are only seen in this volume as shadowy figures.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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