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Proper Japanese Title: Kanko no sato!! (歓呼の里!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 443: The Interview!! (対面!!, Taimen!!)
  • Chapter 444: The Response (答, Kotae)
  • Chapter 445: Top of the World (世界の天辺, Sekai no teppen)
  • Chapter 446: I Just Want to Protect Them (ただ二人を守もりたい, Tada futari o mamoritai)
  • Chapter 447: I Believe (信じる, Shinjiru)
  • Chapter 448: Heirloom...!! (形見...!!, Katami...!!)
  • Chapter 449: The Blossom of Hope (希望の花, Kibō no Hana)
  • Chapter 450: The Cheering Village!! (歓呼の里!!, Kanko no sato!!)
  • Chapter 451: Sasuke's Disposal!! (サスケの処分!!, Sasuke no shobun!!)
  • Chapter 452: Pressured by Danzō!! (ダンゾウに迫る!!, Danzō ni semaru!!)
  • Chapter 453: Five Kage Summit's Eve (五影会談前夜...!!, Gokage kaidan zen'ya...!!)

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