Naruto #47

    Naruto » Naruto #47 - The Seal Destroyed released by Viz on February 2010.

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    Naruto inches ever closer to discovering the true identity of his nemesis, Pain. But is it worth it as the frustrated ninja begins to morph at last into the dreaded Nine Tails? Plus an unexpected confession reveals incredible secrets about his past as Naruto prepares for the ultimate battle with Pain. Can the chakra-challenged Naruto win when one misstep could spell disaster?

    Chapter Titles

    • Number 433: Sage Jutsu, a Mistake...?!
    • Number 434: Naruto vs. Tendo!!
    • Number 435: Banshoten'in! Universal Pull!!
    • Number 436: Peace
    • Number 437: Confessions
    • Number 438: The Seal Destroyed!!
    • Number 439: Catastrophic Planetary Construction
    • Number 440: The Conversation With Lord Fourth!!
    • Number 441: Rasen-Shuriken vs. Almighty Push!!
    • Number 442: The Final Gamble!!

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