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Proper Japanese Title: Senjō, Konoha!! (戦場、木ノ葉!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 413. Crumbling (崩落, Hōraku)
  • Chapter 414. Raging Bull (暴れ牛, Abare ushi)
  • Chapter 415. New Powers!! (新しき力!!, Atarashiki chikara!!)
  • Chapter 416. Tales of a Gutsy Shinobi (ド根性忍伝, Dokonjō ninden)
  • Chapter 417. Raikage on the Move!! (雷影、動く!!, Raikage, ugoku!!)
  • Chapter 418. Sage Naruto!! (仙人ナルト!!, Sennin Naruto!!)
  • Chapter 419. Raid!! (襲来!!, Shūrai!!)
  • Chapter 420. Battlefield, Konoha!! (戦場、木ノ葉!!, Senjō, Konoha!!)
  • Chapter 421. Recall Naruto!! (ナルトを呼び戻せ!!, Naruto o yobimodose!!)
  • Chapter 422. Kakashi vs. Pain!! (カカシVSペイン!!, Kakashi VS Pein!!)

Points of Interest

  • Several of the Jinchūriki have their first appearance in the series on the splash page cover of Ch. 420.

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