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Proper Japanese Title: Shinjitsu o shiru mono (真実を知る者)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 390: The Final Jutsu...!! (最後の術...!!, Saigo no jutsu...!!)
  • Chapter 391: Thunderclap...!! (雷鳴と共に...!!, Raimei to tomo ni...!!)
  • Chapter 392: Susanoo...!! (須佐能乎...!!, Susanō...!!)
  • Chapter 393: My Eyes...! (オレの眼...!!, Ore no me...!!)
  • Chapter 394: Sasuke's Victory (サスケの勝利, Sasuke no shōri)
  • Chapter 395: The Mystery of Tobi (トビの謎, Tobi no nazo)
  • Chapter 396: Self-Intro (自己紹介, Jikoshōkai)
  • Chapter 397: The Man with the Truth (真実を知る者, Shinjitsu o shiru mono)
  • Chapter 398: The Origin of Konoha (木ノ葉のはじまり, Konoha no hajimari)
  • Chapter 399: How It All Begins!! (すべての始まり!!, Subete no hajimari!!)
  • Chapter 400: Living a Nightmare (地獄の中で, Jigoku no naka de)
  • Chapter 401: Illusions (幻術, Maboroshi)
  • Chapter 402: Final Words (最後の言葉, Saigo no kotoba)

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