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Proper Japanese Title: Jiraiya no sentaku!! (自来也の選択!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 370: Unease (胸騒ぎ, Munasawagi)
  • Chapter 371: Old Acquaintances!! (旧知・・・!!, Kyūchi...!!)
  • Chapter 372: The Weeping Land!! (泣いている国!!, Naiteiru kuni!!)
  • Chapter 373: Back in the Day...!! (師弟時代・・・!!, Shitei jidai...!!)
  • Chapter 374: Advancement!! (神への成長!!, Kami e no seichō!!)
  • Chapter 375: Two Great Sages...!! (二大仙人・・・!!, Ni Daisennin...!!)
  • Chapter 376: Child of Prophecy!! (予言の子!!, Yogen no ko!!)
  • Chapter 377: Honored Sage Mode!! (仙人モード!!, Sennin mōdo!!)
  • Chapter 378: One to One...!! (一対一・・・!!, Ittai'ichi!!)
  • Chapter 379: Jiraiya's Decision!! (自来也の選択!!, Jiraiya no sentaku!!)

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