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Proper Japanese Title: Shugyō no seika...!! (修業の成果...!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 340: A Dangerous Bridge (危ない橋, Abunai hashi)
  • Chapter 341: The Fruits of the Training…!! (修業の成果…!!, Shugyō no seika…!!)
  • Chapter 342: The King…!! (玉…!!, Gyoku…!!)
  • Chapter 343: Unfeeling… (非情に…, Hijō ni…)
  • Chapter 344: The Snake and… (蛇と…, Hebi to…)
  • Chapter 345: The Ritual…!! (儀式…!!, Gishiki…!!)
  • Chapter 346: The Secret of the New Technique!! (新術の秘密!!, Shin jutsu no himitsu!!)
  • Chapter 347: Detour!! (寄り道!!, Yorimichi!!)
  • Chapter 348: The Next Person!! (次なる一人!!, Tsugi naru hitori!!)
  • Chapter 349: At the Northern Hideout (北アジトにて, Kita Ajito nite)

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