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Shikamaru's team is out for revenge against their mentor's murderers. Tsunade tries to stop them, but Kakashi wants to help! As the divide among the ninja grows, the mysterious Akatsuki organization continues their brutal attack on the tailed spirits, the Biju, and the young ninja who host them, including Naruto! He's older and stronger, but has Naruto trained enough?!

Chapter Titles

  • Number 330: The Heartbreaking Notice...!
  • Number 331: Cell Number 10 Sets Out...!!
  • Number 332: Shikamaru's Battle!!
  • Number 333: Affinities...!
  • Number 334: The Black Metamorphoses...!
  • Number 335: The Fearsome Secret
  • Number 336: Turnabout Dilemma...!!
  • Number 337: Shikamaru's Genius!!
  • Number 338: Payback...
  • Number 339: The New Jutsu...!!

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