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Proper Japanese Title: Aratanaru futarigumi!! (新たなる二人組!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 310: "The Title" (タイトル "Taitoru")
  • Chapter 311: "Nicknames" (あだ名 "Adana")
  • Chapter 312: "The Impending Menace!!" (忍び寄る脅威!! "Shinobiyoru kyōi!!")
  • Chapter 313: "The New Two!!" (新たなる二人組!! "Aratanaru futarigumi!!")
  • Chapter 314: "The Akatsuki Strikes...!!" (“暁”侵攻...!! "'Akatsuki' shinkō...!!")
  • Chapter 315: "Special Drills!!" (特別な修業!! "Tokubetsu na shugyō!!")
  • Chapter 316: "Let the Training Begin!!" (修行、始め!! "Shugyō, hajime!!")
  • Chapter 317: "Nightmares!!" (悪夢の始まり!! "Akumu no hajimari!!")
  • Chapter 318: "Smooth Training" (順調なる修業 "Junchō naru shugyō")
  • Chapter 319: "Driving Force" (つき動かすもの "Tsukiugokasumono")

Points of Interest

  • Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, only appears in this volume in the form of Isobu, the Three Tailed Turtle.
  • The characters with Naruto on the splash page cover of Ch. 318 are villains from NARUTO THE MOVIE 3.

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