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Proper Japanese Title: Gokuhi ninmu...!! (極秘任務...!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 290: "Consequences!!" (裏切りの結末!! "Uragiri no ketsumatsu!!")
  • Chapter 291: "Rage Trigger!!" (怒りの引き金!! "Ikari no hikigane!!")
  • Chapter 292: "The Third Tail...!!" (三本目...!! "Sanhonme...!!")
  • Chapter 293: "Rampage...!! (暴走...!!" "Bōsō...!!")
  • Chapter 294: "The Fourth Tail...!!" (四本目...!! "Yonhonme...!!")
  • Chapter 295: "Toward Nine Tails...!!" (九尾へ...!! "Kyūbi e...!!")
  • Chapter 296: "The Sad Conclusion" (悲しき決着 "Kanashiki ketchaku")
  • Chapter 297: "Sai's Mission!!" (サイの任務!! "Sai no ninmu!!")
  • Chapter 298: "The Secret Mission...!!" (極秘任務...!! "Gokuhi ninmu...!!")
  • Chapter 299: "The Source of Strength...!!" (強さの源...!! "Tsuyosa no minamoto...!!")

Points of Interest

  • Shikamaru Nara only appears in this volume in the splash page cover of Ch. 296.
  • Hinata Hyuga only appears in this volume in the splash page cover of Ch. 297.

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