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Proper Japanese Title: Chiyo-bā to Sakura (チヨバアとサクラ)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 263: "Rage...!!" (大声で怒れ...!! "Ōgoe de ikare...!!")
  • Chapter 264: "Sasori's Masterpiece...!!" (サソリの芸術...!! "Sasori no geijutsu...!!")
  • Chapter 265: "Granny Chiyo & Sakura" (チヨバアとサクラ "Chiyo-bā to Sakura")
  • Chapter 266: "Sasori Revealed...!!" (サソリ、現る...!! "Sasori, arawaru...!!")
  • Chapter 267: "Fierce Determination...!!" (激しき決意...!! "Hageshiki ketsui...!!")
  • Chapter 268: "Puppet Masters!!" (傀儡師VS傀儡師!! "Kugutsushi VS kugutsushi")
  • Chapter 269: "What Can I Do...?!" (出来ること...!! "Dekiru koto...!!")
  • Chapter 270: "Miscalculation...!!" (誤算...!! "Gosan...!!")
  • Chapter 271: "Unknown Power...!!" (未知の能力...!! "Michi no chikara...!!")

Points of Interest

  • There is a continuity error in the flashback of Ch. 270. It shows Sakura with long hair while she's being trained by Tsunade, but she cut her hair and kept it short during the Chunin Exams, long before Tsunade even arrived in the village.

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