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Proper Japanese Title: Yume no tame ni...!! (夢の為に...!!)

Zabuza, the ninja assassin, was stopped from his first try at killing Tazuna the bridgebuilder--but Zabua still lives! While the ninjas recover from their injuries, Kakashi puts Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura on a strict training regimen to protect Tazuna's family--including Tazuna's embittered grandson Inari--and prepare for Zabuza's next attack. But the next time won't be as easy, because joining Zabuza is his deadly apprentice, Haku. And as the bridge comes closer to completion, our heroes must be willing to die--or kill--to protect the ones they love.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 018: "Training Day" (修業開始 "Shūgyō kaishi")
  • Chapter 019: "The Emblem of Courage" (勇気の象徴 "Yūki no shōchō")
  • Chapter 020: "The Land That Had a Hero...!!" (英雄のいた国...!! "Eiyū no ita kuni...!!")
  • Chapter 021: "A Meeting in the Forest...!!" (森の中の出会い...!! "Mori no naka no deai...!!")
  • Chapter 022: "The Enemies Return" (強敵出現!! "Kyōteki shutsugen!!")
  • Chapter 023: "Ambush Times Two!" (2つの急襲...!! "Futatsu no kyūshū...!!")
  • Chapter 024: "Speed!! (スピード!!" "Supīdo!!")
  • Chapter 025: "For Your Dreams...!!" (夢の為に...!! "Yume no tame ni...!!")
  • Chapter 026: "Sharingan Devastation!!" (写輪眼崩し...!! "Sharingan kuzushi...!!")
  • Chapter 027: "Awakenings" (覚醒...!! "Mezame...!!")


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