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Proper Japanese Title: カカシVSイタチ!!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 254: "Siblings...!!" (兄弟...!! "Kyōdai...!!")
  • Chapter 255: "Approach...!!" (接近...!! "Sekkin...!!")
  • Chapter 256: "Enemies!!" (立ちはだかる者たち!! "Tachi wa dakaru mono-tachi!!")
  • Chapter 257: "Kakashi Comes Through" (カカシの経験値 "Kakashi no keiken atai")
  • Chapter 258: "Guy vs. Kisame!!" (ガイVS鬼鮫!! "Gai VS Kisame")
  • Chapter 259: "The Power of Itachi...!!" (イタチの力...!! "Itachi no chikara...!!")
  • Chapter 260: "Kakashi vs. Itachi!!" (カカシVSイタチ!!)
  • Chapter 261: "Jinchûriki Host...!!" (人柱力...!! "Jinchūriki...!!")
  • Chapter 262: "Naruto Charges On...!!" (駆ける思い...!! "Kakeru omoi...!!")

Points of Interest

  • A hint of the Mother and Father puppets are seen in Chapter 261.
  • Many of the characters in this volume only have a brief appearance in Ch. 262.
  • This volume shows Rock Lee walking on water. This should be impossible since Lee is suppose to be incapable of molding chakra and this is why he can't use ninjutsu.

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