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Proper Japanese Title: Naruto no kikyō!! (ナルトの帰郷!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 245: "Homecoming!!" (ナルトの帰郷!! "Naruto no kikyō!!")
  • Chapter 246: "My, How They've Grown!!" (二人の成長!! "Futari no seichō!!")
  • Chapter 247: "Intruders in the Sand" (砂への侵入者たち "Suna e no shinnyūsha-tachi")
  • Chapter 248: "The Sand Strike Back...!!" (迎えうつ砂...!! "Mukaeutsu suna...!!")
  • Chapter 249: "The Kazekage Stands Tall...!!" (風影として...!! "Kazekage to shite...!!")
  • Chapter 250: "New Squad, First Mission!!" (新チーム、初任務!! "Shin chīmu, hatsu ninmu!!")
  • Chapter 251: "To the Sand...!!" (砂へ...!! "Suna e...!!")
  • Chapter 252: "Feelings Run Wild...!!" (想い、駆ける...!! "Omoi, kakeru...!!")
  • Chapter 253: "Reinforcements...!!" (頼れる加勢...!! "Tayoreru kasei...!!")

Points of Interest

  • Suzume only appear n this volume in the splash page cover of Ch. 250.

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