Naruto #27

    Naruto » Naruto #27 - Departure released by Shueisha on April 4, 2005.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Tabidachi no hi!! (旅立ちの日!!)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 236: "A Broken Promise" (守れなかった約束 "Mamorenakatta yakusoku")
    • Chapter 237: "Fool...!!" (馬鹿...!! "Baka...!!")
    • Chapter 238: "Departure!!" (旅立ちの日!! "Tabidachi no hi!!")
    • Chapter 239: "Chronicle 1: The Mission Begins...!!" (外伝其ノ一:任務開始...!! "Gaiden sono ichi: Misshon Sutāto...!!")
    • Chapter 240: "Chronicle 2: Teamwork!!" (外伝其ノ二:チームワーク!! "Gaiden sono ni: Chīmuwāku!!")
    • Chapter 241: "Chronicle 3: A True Hero" (外伝其ノ三:本当の英雄!! "Gaiden sono san: Hontō no eiyū!!")
    • Chapter 242: "Chronicle 4: The Crybaby Ninja" (外伝其ノ四:泣き虫忍者 "Gaiden sono yon: Nakimushi ninja")
    • Chapter 243: "Chronicle 5: A Gift" (外伝其ノ五:プレゼント "Gaiden sono go: Purezento")
    • Chapter 244: "Chronicle 6: Sharingan Hero" (外伝最終話:写輪眼の英雄 "Gaiden saishūwa: Sharingan no eiyū")

    Points of Interest

    • Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, and Hiruzen Sarutobi only appear in this volume in the photos in Tsunade's room in Chapter 238.

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