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Proper Japanese Title: Wakare no hi...!! (別れの日...!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 227: "Chidori vs. Rasengan!!" ("千鳥VS螺旋丸!!")
  • Chapter 228: "Kakashi's Premonition" (カカシの予感 "Kakashi no yokan")
  • Chapter 229: "The Bond...!!" (繋がり...!! "Tsunagari...!!")
  • Chapter 230: "Awakening!!" (目醒めの時!! "Mezame no toki!!")
  • Chapter 231: "Special!!" (特別な力!! "Tokubetsu na chikara!!")
  • Chapter 232: "The Final Valley" (終末の谷 "Shūmatsu no tani")
  • Chapter 233: "The Worst Ending...!!" (最悪の結末...!! "Saiaku no ketsumatsu...!!")
  • Chapter 234: "Parting Ways...!!" (別れの日...!! "Wakare no hi...!!")
  • Chapter 235: "Mission Failed...!!" (任務失敗...!! "Ninmu shippai...!!")

Points of Interest

  • Many of the Konoha 11 and other Naruto series characters only appear in this volume during the montage in Chapter 232.

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