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Proper Japanese Title: Itachi to Sasuke (兄と弟)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 218: "Konohagakure Comrades!!" (木ノ葉の仲間!! "Konoha no nakama!!")
  • Chapter 219: "Future and Past" (未来と過去 "Mirai to kako")
  • Chapter 220: "Brothers" (兄と弟 "Itachi to Sasuke")
  • Chapter 221: "Out of Reach" (遠すぎる兄 "Tōsugiru ani")
  • Chapter 222: "Itachi Accused" (イタチの疑惑 "Itachi no giwaku")
  • Chapter 223: "Father and Son" (サスケと父 "Sasuke to chichi")
  • Chapter 224: "That Day...!!" (その日...!! "Sono hi...!!")
  • Chapter 225: "In Darkness...!!" (闇の中...!! "Yami no naka...!!")
  • Chapter 226: "For a Friend...!!" (親しき友に...!! "Shitashiki tomo ni...!!")

Points of Interest

  • Gamakichi and Gamatatsu only appear in this volume on the cover splash page for Chapter 222.

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