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The Reunion

Includes volumes 34, 35 & 36

Naruto finally finds Sasuke! But Sasuke won’t return to Konoha without a fight. This time it might take all of the new Team Kakashi to bring him down—and bring him back. Then Naruto accelerates his training while the Akatsuki continue their assault on those with the Tailed Beasts inside them. Just how many ninja will fall to the evils of the Akatsuki?

Chapter Titles

  • Number 300: Sai's Picture Book!!
  • Number 301: Sai & Sasuke!!
  • Number 302: Infiltration...!
  • Number 303: Sai's Betrayal!!
  • Number 304: Behind the Betrayal!!
  • Number 305: Our Bond
  • Number 306: The Reunion...!!!
  • Number 307: On A Whim...!!
  • Number 308: Sasuke's Strength!!
  • Number 309: A Conversation With Nine Tails!!
  • Number 310: The Title
  • Number 311: Nicknames
  • Number 312: The Impending Menace!!
  • Number 313: The New Two
  • Number 314: The Akatsuki Strikes...!!
  • Number 315: Special Drills!!
  • Number 316: Let the Training Begin!!
  • Number 317: Nightmares!!
  • Number 318: Smooth Training
  • Number 319: Driving Force
  • Number 320: Bounties...!!
  • Number 321: Honey-Tongued...!!
  • Number 322: Unkillable
  • Number 323: Judgment!!
  • Number 324: Shikamaru's Analysis!!
  • Number 325: There Won't Be A Later...!!
  • Number 326: The Pain You Desire...!
  • Number 327: Amidst Despair...
  • Number 328: Cell Number 10
  • Number 329: The Ultimate Goal...!!


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Story Arcs

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