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Proper Japanese Title: Ōi naru hishō!! (大いなる飛翔!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 100: "Prepared to Lose...!!" (玉砕覚悟!! "Gyokusai kakugo!!")
  • Chapter 101: "The Other...!!" (もう一つの...!! "Mō hitotsu no...!!")
  • Chapter 102: "The Caged Bird...!!" (籠の中の鳥...!! "Kago no naka no tori...!!")
  • Chapter 103: "The Failure!!" (落ちこぼれ!! "Ochigobore!!")
  • Chapter 104: "The Power to Change...!!" (変える力...!! "Kaeru chikara...!!")
  • Chapter 105: "The Great Flight!!" (大いなる飛翔!! "Ōi naru hishō!!")
  • Chapter 106: "Sasuke Forfeits...?!" (サスケ失格...!? "Sasuke shikkaku...!?")
  • Chapter 107: "The Boy with No Fighting Spirit!!" (やる気ゼロの男!! "Yaruki zero no otoko!!")
  • Chapter 108: "A Plot Within a Plot...?!" (勝利への伏線...!? "Shōri e no fukasen...!?")

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