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Proper Japanese Title: Deshi'iri shigan!? (弟子入り志願 !?)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 091: "Make Me Your Disciple?!" (弟子入り志願!? "Deshi'iri shigan!?")
  • Chapter 092: "Konoha. vs. Sound vs. Sand" (木ノ葉と音と砂と...!! "Konoha to Oto to Suna to...!!")
  • Chapter 093: "Impassioned Efforts... Each and Every One!!" (熱情...それぞれ!! "Netsujō... sorezore!!")
  • Chapter 094: "The Key...!!" (鍵...!! "Kagi...!!")
  • Chapter 095: "A Chance Encounter...!!" (邂逅...!! "Kaikō...!!")
  • Chapter 096: "The Unexpected Visitor!!" (突然の来訪者!! "Totsuzen no raihōsha!!")
  • Chapter 097: "My Reason for Living...!!" (在り続ける理由!! "Ari tsuzukeru wake!!")
  • Chapter 098: "The Proud Failure!!" (誇り高き失敗者!! "Hokori takaki shippaisha!!")
  • Chapter 099: "The Finals Commence...!!" (本線、開始っ...!! "Honsen, kaishi...!!")

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