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Proper Japanese Title: Rippa na ninja...!! (立派な忍者...!!)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 082: Lee's Secret!! (リーの秘密!!, Rī no himitsu!!)
  • Chapter 083: The Ultimate Defence... Crumbles?! (絶対防御·崩壊!?, Zettai hōgyo, hōkai!?)
  • Chapter 084: The Genius of Hard Work...!! (努力の天才...!!, Doryoku no tensai...!!)
  • Chapter 085: Now, of All Times...!! (今こそ...!!, Ima koso...!!)
  • Chapter 086: A Splendid Ninja...!! (立派な忍者...!!, Rippa na ninja...!!)
  • Chapter 087: The Preliminaries... Completed!! (予選終了...!!, Yosen shūryō...!!)
  • Chapter 088: What About Sasuke...?! (サスケは...!?, Sasuke wa...!?)
  • Chapter 089: Naruto's Wish...!! (ナルトのお願い...!!, Naruto no onegai...!!)
  • Chapter 090: What About My Training?! (修業どーすんだ!?, Shūgyō dōsun'da!?)

Points of Interest

  • Pakkun and the rest of the Ninja Dogs appear only in this volume on the splash page of Ch. 90.

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