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    Narnia is a fantasy storyworld created by theologist and writer C.S. Lewis featured in his seven-part Chronicles of Narnia books. The books use many of the conventions of young adult quest fantasy, but there is also a strong Christian allegorical subtext. They were originally published annually between 1950-1956.

    The first of the two books were adapted into movies, but the franchise apparently stopped there. The series includes:

    The Magician's Nephew- Harper Collins established a reading order for the books which C.S. Lewis himself later endorsed. In spite of The Magician's Nephew usually being packaged as the sixth book in the series, the new order placed it first because of its chronology.
    The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe- The book that most of the world regard as the first in this series. In post-war Britain, four orphans are sent to live with their eccentric relative and chance upon a doorway to Narnia via a plain looking wardrobe. They soon become involved with a war between Aslan the Lion and the White Witch for the soul of the land. The first of the series to be made into a film.
    The Horse and His Boy- While this book is generally packaged as the fifth in the series, Harper Collins placed it as the third, again due to continuity issues in the series.
    Prince Caspian- The children return to Narnia to help its rightful ruler. The second in the series to be adapted into film.
    The Voyage of the Dawn Treader- Prince Caspian sails to find the seven lords banished by Miraz.
    The Silver Chair- Caspian's son is the focus of this novel.
    The Last Battle
    - The conclusion of the series, in which Aslan returns and the aforementioned allegories are perhaps most obvious.

    In comics, the films have been parodied in Mad Magazine, but the books themselves have yet to be adapted into a graphic format. C.S. Lewis died in 1963.


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