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    Naomi Singh was tech supporter for Green Arrow. She later adopted the name Dart and forged a new chapter in Green Arrow: Futures End #1.

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    Naomi was created by writer J.T. Krul and artists Dan Jurgens and George Perez. She made her first appearance in Green Arrow #1 (September, 2011).


    Naomi was introduced alongside Jax as Ollie's tech support and "War room staff". The two were tasked with providing intel and support to Green Arrow during his missions. Naomi was eventually bound and gagged by Jax (who had been blackmailed by a new villain), who destroyed Green Arrow's HQ in an explosion, seemingly killing both of them.

    The two survived, however, and were taken prisoner by Komodo. Both he and his adopted daughter Emiko interrogated Jax and Naomi, with Komodo killing Jax when he refused to talk. Komodo later used Naomi as bait to lure Green Arrow into a fight, although Ollie emerged triumphant.

    Ollie continued to use Naomi as part of a much smaller support team, consisting only of her and Henry Fyff. Their first mission together was to break into the fortress of Count Vertigo, where Green Arrow rescued Shado from imprisonment.


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