Naomi Misora

    Character » Naomi Misora appears in 10 issues.

    Former FBI agent. She began her search for the killer Kira after her fiance, Reye Penber was killed.

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    A former first rate FBI agent, after the death of her fiancee, she decided to personally investigate the Kira phenomena, and case. She uses the alias of Shoko Maki to protect herself, aware that Kira can kill people knowing them names. She eventually interacts with Light Yagami. Despite being able to make a lot of progress and piece together a string of clues regarding the Kira investigation, bad luck perhaps, puts her into a vulnerable position allowing Light to gain her trust and thus kill her using the Death Note.


    Naomi Misora was created by writer Tsugumi Ohba, and artist Takeshi Obata for the Death Note books. Her character was intended to play a larger role in the books, and her creator professes difficulty as far as what he had hoped to achieve with this character and plot and story demands. Naomi wears black to signify her mourning for her fiancee.  

    Powers and Abilities  

    Extremely intelligent and highly decorated former FBI Agent. Trained in hand to hand and with firearms. She is considered to be highly intelligent with excellent deductive skills. She is one of few people who seems to have the trust and respect of L

    Other Media 

    Death Note (movie)  
    Naomi Misora is played by Asaka Seto in the live action film adaption of Death Note. Her role was slightly altered for the film, and she plays a larger part in story events.

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