Naomi Hunter

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    A geneticist and the foster sister of Grey Fox.

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    Naomi Hunter
    Naomi Hunter

    Naomi Hunter is believed to have been born sometime in the late 1970's, little is known about her early years, except that at some point in her young life, her parents were killed during the conflict known as the Rhodesian Bush War. The man who killed her parents, Frank Jaeger, would come across the young girl, now an orphan. Guilt ridden by his actions, and unable to kill the young girl, Jeager would instead adopt the child, and raise her as his sister. Although he would never reveal to her that he was her parents murderer.

    The man known as Big Boss, considered by some to be the greatest soldier in the world, would assist the two siblings in emigrating to the United States of America, where Naomi would enter college. She would thrive in this environment, aided by natural intelligence, but especially with a burning desire to learn more about herself, and who she was. Thusly motivating her to specialize and focus on genetics and genetic research, hoping they would help her find answers, and eventually gaining a doctorate in genetics and moving into the specialized field of nanotechnology-based gene therapy.

    Frank Jaeger would eventually go on to become Grey Fox, and further on, an ally to Big Boss which lead him into direct conflict with one of his allies and friends Solid Snake. Despite being former allies, the two men would face off, with Jaeger seemingly slain by Snake. This knowledge would eventually make its way to Naomi who would hold great anger and resentment towards Solid Snake for killing her older brother and protector. She would vow revenge and slowly work towards it, even adopting a new identity and alias to do so, that being Naomi Hunter.


    Dr Naomi Hunter is a fictional character belonging to the Metal Gear Solid franchise produced by Konami. She was created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa, and was first used in the massive and popular video game Metal Gear Solid as a supporting character.

    She would later appear in a sequel, and her overall importance and popularity to the plot and game respectively would mean she would appear in other mediums that would retell the main video games story.

    Including the IDW published comic Metal Gear Solid.

    Character Evolution

    Dr Naomi Hunter would be one of the more important supporting characters in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, providing the series with some of its twists and shocking moments. This would be despite seeming fairly ordinary as a supporting character, giving gentle and helpful advice to the player character.

    This would be revealed as a ruse, as Naomi Hunter would end up being an alias, and the person behind it, vowing revenge towards Solid Snake. Eventually this bitterness and anger would be reduced as the character of Naomi would learn more about the character and ethics of the protagonist character.

    Major Story Arcs

    Shadow Moses

    Naomi would be called on to join a specialized team to provide support for a one man infiltration soldier and spy, Sold Snake. Their collective mission, to stop a terrorist group, headed up by Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot and consisting of Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven and Psycho Mantis.

    Guns of the Patriots

    Naomi would reappear, at first seemingly a hostage of Liquid Ocelot.

    Skills and Abilities

    Naomi Hunter possess average physical abilities typical of a human who engages in moderate exercise. She is however quite intelligent and knowledgeable, a skilled scientist and researcher, especially in the fields if genetics, nanotechnology, computer science and overlapping scientific areas.

    Her unusual life experiences have driven her to become especially hardened and focused, to such an extent she is quite capable of deceit and manipulation to achieve her goals, even when dealing with highly skilled operatives who specialize in subterfuge and spy work. Some of her research has lead to inventions that limited forms of immortality through nano machines, for example Vamp and dangerous viruses, like Fox-Die.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 5'5"
    • Weight: NA
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Brown

    Other Media

    Video Games


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