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Virgil Adams, or commonly known as Nano, is a villain in DC comics. Prior to his powers, Virgil worked at S.T.A.R Labs, and found Project Nano, a project wherein he attempted to create suits invulnerable to physical and mental attacks alike. However, the project soon failed and was taken over by another person. Enraged, he broke into S.T.A.R Labs, and stole the Nano suit he created. With some difficulties, like Cyborg interfering, he escaped (in a way) and was recruited into the Fearsome Five

Current Events

Nano is shown in DC comics, and is a part of the Fearsome Five.


Teen Titans


Teen Titans: Child's Play

Titans: Fractured

Powers & Abilities

Shape Manipulation - The Nano suit can alter it's own geometric shape, similar to shape-shifting.

Durability - The Nano suit is designed to be impervious to most physical and mental damage/attacks.

Mechanical Engineering - Virgil Adams is an expert in Mechanical Engineering, but lacking to the bar set by regular S.T.A.R Lab engineers, and was kicked out.


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