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    A cyborg who used to be a scientist.

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    Brief History

    The cyborg known as Nanny was originally a scientist and inventor who made major advances in the development of cyborg technology. She was employed by an organization known as The Right, but was unaware of the purposes to which the Right used her work for.

    Eventually, however, she learned that the Right was utilizing her technology to destroy mutants. Being a mutant herself, she was furious and tried to halt this use of her work.The Right, however, captured her and imprisoned her within an egg-shaped cyborg battlesuit that she had herself designed. They hoped to force her to work for them permanently. Apparently her sanity was somewhat damaged by the shock of what had happened to her.

    Nanny finally escaped from the Right, which then attempted to destroy her but failed. Nanny then dedicated herself to saving young mutants from exploitation. However, the methods by which she goes about this are morally questionable. Nanny first rescued a young mutant named Peter from captivity by Mr. Sinister. Sinister had come to regard Peter as uncontrollable and intended to kill him.

    Peter was the first of Nanny's " Lost Boys," the first of many mutant children she "rescued." Peter also became her assistant in his armored guise as the Orphan-Maker.

    Together, Nanny and the Orphan-Maker sought out mutant "children" and rescue them so that they will never be harmed. Sometimes Nanny would rescue them from truly evil people, other times from their harmless parents, who the Orphan-Maker would then kill, making them orphans.

    Alternate Versions

    Age of Apocalypse: Earth-295

    The Nanny is charged with watching the son of Magneto. Its remains are found in the Morlock Tunnels with baby Charles missing.

    Powers & Abilities

    Nanny's mutant power is a type of low-level telepathy/mind control, which she enhances by projecting a chemical "pixie dust" at her victims. After dying in Arrako, her physique, personality, and powers were all enhanced to an unknown degree, even donning new armor.

    By unknown means, Nanny can regress the bodies of adult mutants to those of children; this is likely a technological process, as Storm was shown strapped to a machine as she was transformed, with Nanny operating a control console. Nanny can also mentally regress adults to a childlike mindset, or maintain that mindset in children despite their physically continuing to age; whether this is a facet of her telepathy or a technologically derived effect is unknown.

    Battle Suit: Nanny is encased within a battle suit of her own design an egg-shaped suit of armor that is capable of flight, teleportation, producing a repulsor field, firing rockets, and has a built-in machine pistol.


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