Character » Nanna appears in 13 issues.

    The wife of Balder the Brave. She was a fellow Asgardian.

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    Brief History

    Nanna was a citizen of Asgard. She met Balder in a market, a meeting orchestrated by the Norn Queen Karnilla. Balder and her fell deeply in love.  Karnilla used their relationship by threatening to harm Nanna if Balder did not agree to marry her, transporting the couple to Nornheim. Balder acquiesced, and Nanna was sent back to Asgard. 

    A heartbroken Nanna wept for Balder, then stole the horse Sleipnir from Odin's stables and rode to Nornheim in time to interrupt the wedding. She then plunged a dagger into her heart and died, breaking the bargain between Karnilla and Balder. 

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