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Little is known about Nancy Whitehead. After completing high school she applied to and was accepted by the computer sciences programme at Empire State University.


Nancy was created by Ryan North and Erica Henderson. She made her first appearance in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1.

Major Story Arcs

Squirrel Girl

Living with Doreen Green, Nancy is repeatedly drawn into the superheroic events that occur in her roommate's daily life, including being held hostage in a bank robbery, and trapped in the Statue of Liberty during a superhero fight. During Ratatoskr's attempt to take over New York, Nancy travels to Asgard to seek a solution to Ratatoskr's menace. There, she meets and becomes friends with Loki. She is responsible for figuring out a way to counteract Ratatoskr's powers using bluetooth earplugs. When Squirrel Girl gets sent back in time, Nancy is the only person who remembers her, and is able to convince Doctor Doom to take her back to find her friend. When Doom inevitably turns on them, she joins in the efforts of other time-displaced students to defeat him. After he is defeated she returns with Doreen to the present, where Howard the Duck tries to steal her cat.

Powers and Abilities

Nancy has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is very intelligent and resourceful. She is a skilled knitter.


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