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    Proper Japanese Title: 七つの大罪

    Translated into English as The Seven Deadly Sins by Kodansha Comics USA.


    The Seven deadly sins are a group of knights who conspired against the kingdom of britannia, and thought to have been eredicated by the Holy Knights as a result. This being the case, rumors flew around saying they continue to exist.

    Ten years later, the Holy Knights become the tyrannical rulers of the kingdom of Britannia after a coup d'état after capturing the king. The third princess Elizebeth Lyonesse sets out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins to rid her country of the Holy Knights rule and save her father.


    Nanatsu no Taizai began serialization in the Issue 45 of 2012 of Weekly Shōnen Magazine, which was released on the 10th of October, 2012. The oneshot, the series' plot is based on, was released in the Issue 52 of 2011.

    The first volume was released on February 15, 2013, the second volume, on April 17, and the third, on June 17. The fourth volume was released on August 16.

    Nanatsu no Taizel

    The seven deadly sins is a manga based on the concept of the seven deadly sins, although the Anger has been worded differently, as Rage or Wrath.

    The first volume features a total of 3 chapters and the main characters Meliodas and Elizebath Lyonesse along with the the talking pig Hawk. The one shot mentions a Deadly Sin named the wandering ghost, a character that has not made an appearance in the manga yet. When Elizebeth comes into the bar dressed in a bundle of rags and scarfs, the people at the Bar picks a fight with her. Meliodas ejects them out of the bar. Their leader, a Holy Knight comes picking a fight, and destroys half the bar. Meliodas, using his rather large broad sword defeats the knight easily and asks him to pay for the damage.

    In the one shot, Elizebeth is depicted as being the one responsible for the Seven Deadly Sins being accused for the overthrowing of the kingdom. Meliodas, though he has half of a broken sword on his back, he has never been seen weilding it in battle. Its unclear if it has the capability to transform into a full sword, although its hilt has been seen projecting an aura of a dragon invisible to others but the Death Hound that was acting as Kings pet in his introductory chapters.

    In the first chapter, Elizebath comes dressed as a Holy Knight and walks into the Boar hat. Everyone, scared out of their wits escape from the bar thinking she is a Seven Deadly sin. Later, a group of Knights, apperentices of apperentices, comes to capture her. Elizebeth makes a run for it. After a while of chasing, they, with the help from Meliodas and Hawk manages to get rid of the Knights. Meliodas turns out to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the Sin of Wrath, and he agrees to help Elizebath restore the kingdom.

    Then, their journeys begin to find the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins. They travel in the mobile bar named Boars Hat which travels on the back of a giant pig who is also Hawks mother. They head to the Forest of White Dreams in order to find Diane, the Sin of Envy. They also encounter the first Holy Knight appearance in the series Gilthunder. In an ensuing battle, Meliodas manage to find the location of two Sins, one dead and the other in prison, before collapsing of a wound he recieved, trying to get Gilthunder to talk. Before collapsing though, he had managed to expel the threat.

    The Team then travels to Baste Dungeon in order to save Ban (sometimes also written as Baan), the Fox's Sin of Greed. Meliodas is admitted in the local town to be treated for his wound he recieved from Gilthunder. Meanwhile in the dungeon, Ban escapes, saying he merely got caught by the group known as Weird Fangs because he wanted to feel pain. Ban is shown to be immortal. On the other hand, the doctor who is treating Meliodas turns out to be one of Weird Fang's spies ordered to poison him. A weird mark appears on his forehead and he suddenly wakes up, beating Weird Fang and forcing him to retreat.

    Diane, who is situationed outside the hospital, manages to get rid of a swarm of poisonous bugs threatening the entire town. She then proceeds to go by herself to Baste Dungeon. Meliodas also goes ahead and meets with Diane on the way. A trick by the last of the Weird Fang member forces both Diane and Meliodas to fight among themselves. After beating him, they finally reach Baste Dungeon where they are reunited with Ban. The trio, Elizebath and Hawk spends the night among the ruins of the dungeon, which had collapsed after a short greeting between Ban and Meliodas.

    The time then proceeds to finding King, the Grizzly's sin of Sloth. After a short confrontation with Ban and King who don't recognize King at first, Ban runs off into the Capital of the Dead where King follows him in. Meliodas, Elizebath, Diane and Hawk follows suit. A Holy Knight apperentice Geera also follows them into the Capital of the Dead. Being one of the new generation of Holy Knights, she had the power of a full fledged Holy Knight all on her own.

    After a fight among the two, King manages to turn Ban into stone, as that was the one way of actually killing (stopping Ban). Being undead, it was impossible to kill Ban. The only visible scar on Bans body was given to him by Meliodas when he tried to take Meliodas' sword from him. Kings brother Elaine appears and saves Ban, and requests that he protect Ban.

    After the fight with Geera, they manage to expel her from the Capital of the Dead. The team resumes their journey.

    Meliodas, Diane, King and Ban decides to participate in a festival held at Byzel in order to retrieve Diane's Sacred Treasure which she lost at some point in the past. Just when the finals of the festival were over, Geera and her allies attack the Seven Deadly Sins. In an ensuing battle, Meliodas is captured by a powerful enchanted crystal given to Elizebeth by her sister. Later on in the battle, Meliodas manages to break out, but in a different form with a patch of what seems like blood on a part of his face and all over his body. This gives Meliodas unrivalled power and defensive capabilities but at the expense of his will.

    Meliodas drags on the battle and overpowers Helbram to the point of defeat. On the other hand, a Holy Knight clad in iron armor who seems like a robot on a wheel attacks Diane, and along with him an old man that she had managed to save. The Holy Knight seemingly defeats her and throws her down into an abyss. Helbram's superior grants him alleigence and thus power, allowing Helbram to end the contest with a single swing of his hand. Helbram takes possession of the broken sword of Meliodas. All hope seemed lost at the point, out from the abyss, a giant fist emerges and crushed the robotic Holy Knight.

    All of a sudden, Ban picks up King (knocked out by Helbram) and Elizebath, and starts to run. Ban is nervous, and seemed scared as Hawk explained. When Elizebath asked they had to save Meliodas, he replied they will do that once they were out of danger, while there was no real danger present at that moment. Helbrem is fooled into thinking Ban was running from him. As he was talking about dealing with Meliodas first, the Gideon swing takes the mountain face and nearly strikes down Helbram.

    It was diane. She had emerged from the Abyss, with her Sacred Treasure Gideon. She had taken Meliodas on her hand and now faced Helbram suspended in the air in front of her. But she seemed more concerned about her captain, and avoided him. Enraged at Helbram, she lifted Gideon into the air and struck the ground with such force, it sent meteor like rocks flying all around.

    Mother Catastrophe
    Mother Catastrophe

    Hendricksen orders Helbrem to immediately retreat and he quickly makes haste to do so. But it was a little too late. The Gideon strike didn't just destroy miles of Earth, it raised almost the entire mountain into the air and had it suspended on top of Helbrem. Meteor like rocks were flying all around him. But he was too late, as Diane dropped the full weight of the mountain on Helbram. She called the move "Mother Catastrophe".

    Ban and the others barely survived it. At the end of it, Meliodas wakes up, overjoying Diane. Elizebath is running to hug Meliodas when he is punched by Ban and goes pummeling and hit a boulder, which cracks in half from the force of the punch. This notion annoys Diane a bit, and he calls it even, to which Meliodas agrees frankly.

    Being as perverted as always, Meliodas grabs Elizebath's butt cheeks as she hugs her, saying she needed to wear an underwear, enraging Diane. Griamore, using his defensive power appeared to have survived the full brunt of the mountain crashing on him and the dead body of Elizebaths sister Veronica. Griamore curses himself for not being able to save Veronica. Elizebath assures that she will bring down the Holy Knights reign.

    Hauser also survived. Diane instructs him to take the old man and the robotic Holy Knight and retreat, and asks whether or not he still wants to capture her. He shakes his head in confusion, then taking the old man, disappears into a whirling twister. Griamore also departs, alone, unsure whether or not he will return to the kingdom.

    Ban inquires about the sword from Meliodas. He replies it got stolen. He admitted that the situation was dire, but said all that mattered was that Elizebath was safe. On that note, Diane lifts Meliodas by his boxer pants and asks him about herself, and he replied that she is always fine, implying there was no need to ask her if she was fine. Hawk says he is not fine at all. King comments on the talking pigs toghness, and Meliodas says something smelled good, and Ban said he wanted pork.

    Helbram actually barely just survived. If he was a step late in retreating, he would have been killed. Helbram had successfully managed to retrieve the broken sword, which was actually a part of the seal that had locked up the demon clan. Helbrem and his master Hendreiksen's true motives are to bring the clan forth to rule the world.


    There are several groups and factions of Holy Knights that appear in the series. The Seven Deadly Sins is one of those.

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Members or the Seven Deadly Sins.

    All the Sins so far appeared in the series have an animal depiction. Meliodas with a Dragon, Diane with a Snake, Ban with a fox, King with a Grizzly, Gowther with a Goat. These marks are tatooed to their bodies.The three remaining Seven Deadly Sins have yet to make an appearance in the series.

    Holy Knights

    Great Holy Knight

    There are currently two Holy Knights that serve under this rank in Liones.

    • Dreyfus
    • Hendricksen
    • Zaratras (former - dead)

    Plantinum Knights

    Platinum rank Holy Knights are the second in command after the Great Holy Knight Dreyfus


    Cardinal is one of the commanding ranks of Holy Knights, possibly the leader of a group of Holy Knights.

    • Helbram (dead)

    Holy Knights

    These are the standard Holy Knights of the Kingdom.

    • Griamor (son of Dreyfus)
    • Friesia
    • Golgius
    • Ruin
    • Jude
    • Dale (dead - Guila's father)

    New Generation

    A group of apperentice Holy Knights that consumed demon blood in order to gain power equivalant to that of a Holy Knight.


    This rank of Holy Knights are not full fledged Holy Knights but serve a Holy Knight as one of their apperentice. They stick lack the power to be on par with that of a Holy Knight.

    • Twigo (dead)

    Dawn Roar

    This is another group of Holy Knights that appear in the series. Dawn Roar is the junior group of Holy Knights created to replace the Seven Deadly Sins after they got expelled from the Kingdom. Just like the sins, Dawn Roar is an independent group working under the King himself. However due to circumstances, Daen Roar was presumably taking orders from the Great Holy Knight.

    Members of the group.

    King of Camelot

    • Arthur Pendragon


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