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why was namorita skin was blue first and not like a human?

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Namorita was Pink first.  Like Namor, she stood out from Atlantean society & was exiled into the human world because she was Caucasian. 
However, she was actually a clone made from the genetics of her mother & several ancient Atlantean warriors.  Her unstable genetics worsened the more time she spent out of the water, and her emotions were often clouded.  Eventually her body changed and she turned blue with black eyes, pointy ears, and webbed hands & feet.   
However, as I didn't read the second New Warriors series, I have no idea how she reverted to being white again (or why she dressed like a 1980's Essex Girl).  Likewise, I don't know how she turned blue again.  I do know the white swirly patterns on her skin were tattoos... but they were just to look funky more than anything else.

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