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Namora - The Savior of the Sea


Great story, art, and teaser for the new Atlas volume by Marvel. Namora saves a sinking Russian submarine, locates a lost Atlantean tribe, and finds Imperius Rex all in one issue. There was lots going on in this issue too bad it was short lived!

The Good

Hands down the art was the best part of this book. I have to say it has a certain Gabriel Hardman look to it ... but that's a good thing. Namora was... very appealing... The story was good as well. From reading the other reviews on this issue I had lower expectations. Glad they were wrong and that I came away pleasantly surprised. I don't know much about Namora--other than picking up bits and pieces from Agents of Atlas--but this gave me a little more about her individual character. Now I know that there is a whole sea of knowledge to learn. After reading this issue, it has piqued my interest in her character and now I'll do some investigating.

The Bad

The bad news about this issue is that it's only a one-shot and not a mini series. I wish they would have continued the story. Namora should have her own title and not be a side car to the Agents of Atlas team. Maybe someday...  one can wish right?
The other negative I could say was that this felt like a promotion for the Atlas title. They made too many mentions of that book and even had an advertisement for it in the back. This should be focusing on Namora and not pimping something else. Gimmick?

Verdict (4/5)

Awesome art and good story telling earns this issue a 4/5 rating..should have been made into a mini-series and not pimping another book to earn a 5/5.

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