Is anything going to happen to Namor's powers?

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I just finished reading the New Avengers issues 1-2 and no mentions of Namor's powers acting up. I haven't heard anything in solicitations about it either. So do you guys think something will happen with his abilities? Is it perhaps being Atlantean and having some genetic differences will make him immune to the side effects that the others have faced? I mean Cyclops' blasts have gone into overdrive. Emma has no telepathy. Magik is amped up. Colossus can't maintain his form or else he looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle. And even Magneto because he got hit and his powers are out of whack. So why not Namor? And if so, what do you think will happen to him? Why do you think he might not be effected?

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He might spontaneously lose the ability to breathe underwater, lose his strength. Those are my guesses

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Namor is an interesting character. Maybe a loss of some of his powers will make him more attractive to his beloved Sue Storm and bring them closer together?

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@frozenedge: His mutant powers are those wings on his ankles if anything he'll probably lose his power to fly either that or lose his groove on try to bang blondes

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If it's his mutant powers, it should be his strength and flight. No idea on some of his lesser used powers like electric eel mimicry -- though that and sea life empathy seem more connected to his Atlantean heritage. Ditto his ability to channel all the magic of Atlantis.

Of course, this appears to be a moot question, as Bendis doesn't appear to be using Namor in the X-books, and Hickman seems to have no interest in Namor's mutant abilities or anything Bendis did to them.

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Well he could always upgrade. Like magik. Stronger? Faster? Maybe he will develop some crazy water Hand ability!? Nah that's just stupid...

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Heh ... water hand. ;p

An upgrade would be cool, like hydrokinesis, but I think from the newest solicitations, there's a specific reason why Magik is the only one that got an upgrade.

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Namor will lose his power of sleeping with other peoples wives and girlfriends......... 

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As far as I know his only mutant ability is being able to fly so he might lose that. Also there's the fact that he didn't have the phionix force for a long time so maybe since he only had the power for a short he does not have any side effects.

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