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    Forgotten sea goddess and mother of Callie

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    Namma true name is Mother Salt, she is an old Mesopotamian deity. Whith Father Sea, she created the world, however she seeks destroy her creation and begin a new world.


    Namma and Father Sea unified together to make the sea. From their come the first gods: Fire, Earth, Wind and Sky. This gods create another gods and the Earth became a bustling place. Soon, new Sea Gods swim in Father Sea and Mother Salt's waters. Father Sea grew upset; believing the world had forgotten its creators, and soon planned to destroy the World and reborn a new. Concerned with her husband's state of mind, Mother Salt confided in her children, who killed their father in his sleep in a fit of paranoia. Namma transforms her body in seven monsters. Her new children tried to take vengeance on her, however Fire gave a part of herself to the Sky, and in that moment they birthed the Sun. The Sun turned Mother Salt's new children into salt, allowing the God of Wind to blow them away. Guilt-ridden by their actions, the four children of Salt created the humans, whose blood contained the ocean as an everlasting tribute to Sea and Salt, honoring the parents who betrayed.

    Following these events, Namma decided to rest until she was ready to defeat her children and remake the world again. She gathered the scattered remains of her seven beastly children and refashioned her body, all except one of them. One of the Seven knows like Callie found on a secret place called the Island of Unspoken Water. The Cailleach was too weak and reborn in the body of a new born baby. Mother Salt disguised herself with Namma and lives in this island for a lot.

    Unspoken Water and Aquaman coming

    In this new place, little by little those marine deities appeared that were forgotten by their own peoples. A situation that was identical to the one she suffered from and reflected the world she helped create. Her hatred for her new fellow citizens was growing, causing them to vote to expel her from the island. Namma left the place, but left her daughter behind, who grew up with the forgotten gods. He hoped that over time, his daughter would become strong enough to be able to rejoin her body and be able to remake the world as she wished. This happened with the arrival of Aquaman, who had lost his memories and came attracted by the requests of a champion from the Sea Gods. Together with Caille, they set out on a journey across the sea to find Namma Island. Mother Salt tried to take control over her daughter and restore her own essence, but Arthur's efforts caused Caille to resist and become aware of herself again. The assistance of the Sea Gods of the World allowed Aquaman to defeat Namma, scattering his remains throughout the oceans and preventing her from regenerating again.


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